Major Third sounds amazing.

It made me feel warm and safe.

It's definitely the one!!!

Programming used to send chills down my spine. I still thought it was cool and I was eager to learn how it all works so I figured getting inspiration from tech movies was a good idea. Coding scenes would make my pupils dilate and I could feel my dopamine levels…

Medium is home for some of the best blogs in the world.You can find anything you want to read.As they say get smarter about what matters to you. Be it cyber security, programming, digital marketing etc. There are really great writers who break down complex stuff and make them easy…

Having broken keys on your keyboard sucks. Especially when you love typing fast . Imagine having one broken key which forces you to use on screen keyboard all the time you want to send messages to your friends or whenever you want to code . Using onscreen keyboards can get…

I was brought up by a single mum, i even forgot there was supposed to be a dad. Respect to that woman man, sometimes i can’t help but wonder how she did it . Mother’s are amazing , all women are amazing, all girls are amazing. Ps;those are the only…

Isn’t life amaizing? If you’re not sure what to answer well you’re in the right place. Looking back at my life 6 months ago i wasn’t as excited about life as i am today, you should see the smile i have on my face rn. Am still trying to figure out what i did to deserve all this . Could it be because of the extra change that i returned to the shop keeper ? Or maybe because i held the lift for a stranger ?

Well i have good and bad news. Which do you think i should start with? Good news? Okay. The good news is that i figured why i went from “living” life to enjoying life. Now to the part where no one wants to hear, the bad news is that am not telling you the good news just yet . Ying yang?😄

Hassan Zaid

from confusion to clarity, not insanity.

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